Sport hall “CONSTRUCTORUL”, Fizicienilor street nr. 50, Sector 3, Bucharest



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
17:00-18:30 17:00-19:00 17:00-18:30 17:00-18:30 17:00-19:00

* Please call us to set up a personalized program - suitable for your kid, correlated with his/her school curriculum and extra school activities.


1 training: 50 lei

Monthly subsctibtion: 300 lei


Things to know when comming to training sessions:

  1. Children should have a bottle of water
  2. Children should have a towel
  3. Training shoes should have a rubber outsole (not allowed to wear it outside) 
  4. Rackets and the shutles will be provided by our sport club
  5. You will have the possibility to register your child in our club, if you should chose to do that - a registration form will be provided
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