What are cookie-s?

A „cookie” is a small text file, which a web site keeps on the computer or any other mobile device when you access it. 

  • Original cookie modules are installed by the web site that you visit. These cookies could be read only by this particular site. Besides this, web sites utilizes sometimes external services, which place its own cookies - these are called Other party cookies module.

  • Persistent cookies are module cookies saved on the computer which are not deleted when you close the browser.

Every time you visit our web site, you wll be invited to accept or refuse cookies.

The purpose is to permit the web site to keep your preferences (ex: username, language etc.) for a period of time.

In that way, you should not introduce these data every time you navigate the web site during the same session.

Cookies can be used also in order to create some statistics about the navigation experience on our site. 

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