Aftre a more and more spreading of badminton all over the world, the interest for players to play indoor on a delimited court, have grown. It appears a question: Is there necessary to wear specialized badminton shoes? 
We will try to answer at this question through some insights.

What are specialized badminton shoes?
As its name, these shoes are conceived especially for badminton players’ necessity. In badminton the movements are fast, with rapid changes and have a major impact on agility and speed; thus the design of badminton shoes provide not only a comfortable and perfect fixing of foot paw, but also offers a lateral stablity and an excellent adherence. A perfect badminton shoe has its outsole made of unti-grip rubber, offers multi-directional protection, stability which offers support to rapid changes of direction and of course, has a reduce weight.

Why simple running shoes are not good to play badminton? 
Running shoes are designed for a forward moving, and thus offers protection only for the front part of foot paw, and not for lateral movements and rapid changes of direction. This could cause injuries and produce ankle pains or may cause tendone ruptures when playing.
The design of proffessional shoes for badminton is to protect foot paw in lateral movements and can reduce efficiently foot accidents. 

Why shoes for indoor court games such as voleyball and table tennis are not good for badminton play?
Table tennis shoes or voleyball shoes are designed for indoor play, and are equiped with a much tough rubber outsole with a different layers, designed for these sports due to a different movements of players. Badminton is one of the sports that requires forward, backward and lateral movements and constant changes of direction, so most shoes have the rubber layer of the outsole designed with a radial pattern to assure anti-slipping and a less wear. 
Whereas the design of table tennis and voleyball shoes are not made for rapid movements in front, backwards and lateral, for jumps and landings, such as badminton requires, so it is not recommended to wear table tennis or voleyball shoes when playing badminton.
Not wearing professional badminton shoes when playing badminton could expose you to foot injuries. 
An old saying says: “ You got to have propper tools to do a good thing”, so it is when you start playing badminton you got to have propper shoes. The propper, professional badminton shoes will help you have a better control of the game and a correct movement on court, thus your performance will improve and you will become a better badminton player.  

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